General info:


Music is a language that unites, regardless of origin, culture and language. From this idea Orchestre Partout started the first music workshop in 2010, in refugee centre Alkmaar. Over the years, we have developed a successful program.



  • Weekly music workshops in refugee-centres and concerts across the country
    Orchestre Partout organises weekly music lessons and rehearsals inside the refugee centres in Amsterdam, Dronten, Heerhugowaard and Den Helder. Our ‘musicroom’ is a lively meeting place in the centre. In the three-stepped program -lessons, rehearsals and concerts- participants can develop their musical skills. Professional musicians teach guitar, piano, percussion and singing. As soon as participants reach a solid basic understanding of music, they are invited to join in band rehearsals and concerts.


  • Annual family-concert Mundo Sonora
    Besides its regular activities, Orchestre Partout organizes annual family-concerts named: Mundo Sonora. In each city were we organise music-workshops in the refugee centre we organise a festive family concert in the theatre.  Musicians from the city play together; the international musicians from Orchestre Partout with local music ensembles and orchestras.


    A Orchestre Partout is producer of the professional festivalband Étoiles Électriques. This Amsterdam based band combines Arabic, Kurdish and Persian music with funk and soul.



Ted van Leeuwen is founder, all-round musician, composer and musical director.
Titia Bouwmeester is founder, executive director and creative producer. 
Lex Pantelic
is guitar-player, workshop leader in Heerhugowaard and main arranger.
Modar Salama is percussionist and music teacher
Hashem Kabreet is percussionist, music teacher and production manager

The board of Stichting Orchestre Partout:

Egbert Fransen, Orville Breeveld, Johan Dorrestein 



  • Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers (COA) hosts Orchestre Partout and accommodates with working space and internal communication.
  • De Vrolijkheid develops creative activities for children and youngsters in the refugee centres. Where they focus on minors, Orchestre Partout focuses on adults. We exchange experiences, and refer participants to one another’s workshops.


Orchestre Partout is made possible by generous support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de KunstVSBfonds, KANSfonds, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, Olga Heldring Fonds, Adessium Foundation, and through individual gifts that reached us through Voordekunst.