General info:


Club Partout is a meetingplace / club /  laboratory / playground / nomadic stage for adventourous musicians. Rooted in different cultures we focus on experiment, crossovers and new repertoire.

Club Partout welcomes skilled musicians from all around the world with professional ambition and young careers in The Netherlands, either as newcomers, conservatory students or fresh graduates.


Club Partout is an initiative from Orchestre Partout in collaboration with BIMHUIS, Amsterdam Roots, Flamenco Biënnale Nederland, Cello Octet Amsterdam, GRAP, Music Motion and more.


The program will start on June 13th with a festive kick-of for CLUB MEMBERS.
On June 29th Club Partout presents  the first public concert: STRING ENCOUNTERS, guided by Oene van Geel and Nawras Altaky,  in BIMHUIS Amsterdam

More info: Hashem Kabreet

a 2-day MUSIC LAB including concert @BIMHUIS Amsterdam
Monday June 28 & Tuesday June 29

Oene van Geel and Nawras Altaky take you on an adventurous journey and challenge you to exchange, experiment and improvise with musical styles from the Middle East and Jazz. Oene comes from a Western tradition of classical music and jazz. Nawras comes from an Arabic tradition of classical and popular music. Rooted in a different idiom, both are very curious and open-minded musicians, familiar in improvisations.


This 2-day music lab is open for musicians with young careers and an open mind, both classical strings as well as plucked instruments. There is room for a maximum of 20 musicians:10 students from conservatory and 10 from the network of Orchestre Partout, musicians from all over the world.


The Music lab will be a meeting place for musicians from different musical cultures.  In guided improvisations you will create new material and meet new musicians. Western and Middle Eastern signatures will blend together. On the evening of the second day we open the lab for live audience and present the new creations. The concert will be moderated by Anastasis Sarakatsanos.


For whom?

Adventurous conservatory students from different departments: musicians on classical or plucked string instruments. (Violin, viola, cello, double-bass, oud, saz, guitar, qanoun, banjo, cümbüs, mandolin, lute, etc.)

How to register?

Send your application with short CV and motivation to Hashem Kabreet, before June 6th

You will receive more information within 24u.

What are the costs?

€ 50 including dinner on day 2



Monday June 28: 09:30 – 18:00

Tuesday June 29: 09:30 – 18:00 concert: 19:30 – 22:00


STRING ENCOUNTERS is an initiative from Orchestre Partout in coproduction with BIMHUIS and Amsterdam Roots.