General info:



Club Partout is a meetingplace, a laboratory and playground  for adventurous musicians. Rooted in different cultures we focus on experiment, crossovers and new repertoire.


For talented musicians with professional ambitions in the Netherlands, Orchestre Partout started Club Partout in 2021, in collaboration with the BIMHUIS and the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

More than 40 musicians with roots in Arab, Persian, Kurdish and North and Central African culture, together with young Dutch colleagues, form a club in which musical influencing is key. The program consists of ‘labs’, master classes, co-productions and network meetings.


Labs at the Bimhuis
Four times a year, in collaboration with the Bimhuis and Amsterdam Conservatory, we organize a 2-day laboratory with a final concert in the Bimhuis. The Lab is led by Hashem Kabreet and a master of contemporary improvised music. The result of this meeting is expressed in a playful concert in which musical traditions are freely mixed with contemporary jazz.
Half of the participants consist of musicians from the Orchestre Partout network. The other half consists of international students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


Annual co-production
Every year we develop new repertoire in collaboration with a professional ensemble. where we will subsequently perform a number of times in the country with newly developed repertoire. In 2022 we collaborated with Cello Octet Amsterdam and Oene van Geel on the ‘Common Features’ project.